But why?

No user accounts

No need to remember any username or password. You are identified using a UUID meaning that you can generate a new identity whenever you want.


Pushjet is licensed under the BSD license, a free software license. You can take the source code and do pretty much anything you want with it!

Host it yourself

Pushjet is built with self-hosting in mind. Heck, it's encouraged. You can grab the Pushjet server and host it on your own server. This means that you are in control.

Simple API

The Pushjet API is super easy to use. It allows developers to connect to it multiple ways making it super easy to send notifications and write applications that can receive them.


The Android client has been built from the ground up to provide the best user experience. Please note that the Android client currently uses GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) meaning that notifications will pass through google servers before reaching you.

More clients are under development; Web, Linux (GTK), Windows and OS X.